Blue Flower

  • To provide encouragement, support and training for Committee Members so that they can manage the Co-op’s objectives in ways which are effective and take into account legal requirements, best practice and equality and diversity issues.

  • To make sure there is a staff structure in place which can effectively deliver the Co-op’s objectives and which operates in partnership with the Co-op’s Management Committee and with Co-op Members.

  • To keep the Co-op’s houses in very good condition and provide an efficient repair service and adequately funded long term maintenance plan.

  • To provide affordable rented houses.

  • To make sure the Co-op is financially viable in the short, medium and long term.

  • To work with Tenants and local organisations to provide a safe environment and welcoming community.

  • To provide community services for younger and older residents, to promote equal opportunities and to encourage Co-op Members to participate in the Co-op’s business and affairs.

  • To promote and support Tenant Participation, by regularly consulting with Co-op Members and by providing straightforward information.